SOLARIS Datalogger

A tailor-made product developed for the need of its customer. Technology enabled, accuracy driven SOLARIS data logger combines smart functionality with greater flexibility for efficient control, management & monitoring of renewable energy parks. It measures and records multiple consumption. For more details REQUEST FOR DEMO

Some key features of the product.

  • Custom built data logger to monitor and record as many parameters as required.
  • Record data for years.
  • Communicate with other components and retrieve data using technical programs.
  • Portable and self-contained. Thus, easy installation.
  • Cloud data storage for an easy access anytime, anywhere.
  • System is connected in series to enable data logging. Temperature sensor for solar panel needs to be wired to the panel and for batteries or other sources.
  • Data logged every second or as per requirement.
  • Display – Voltage, Current, Ah, KHW on the LCD.